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Thailand, China jointly launch projects during LMC Week 2024

Release Date:2024-04-07 16:54:26     Source:Xinhua

Thailand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chinese Embassy in Bangkok jointly held a launching ceremony of Thai-led projects funded by the Lancang-Mekong Cooperation (LMC) during the LMC Week 2024 here on Friday.

The LMC special fund recently approved 18 proposals from Thailand, covering collaborative projects in the fields of education, science, research and innovation, public health, trade and investment, public affairs, and natural resources management, said Busadee Santipitaks, the ministry's acting permanent secretary for foreign affairs.

With China as a key contributor to the LMC, the special fund has witnessed over 780 development projects across the sub-region. These projects demonstrate a people-centric approach aimed at concrete outcomes towards a community with shared peace and prosperity, Busadee told the ceremony.

The LMC consists of six countries, namely China, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam.

Thailand is a major initiator and important participant in the LMC. The kingdom is also a tangible beneficiary of improved livelihood and well-being for the people in the sub-region, said Han Zhiqiang, Chinese ambassador to Thailand.

"This vigorous development momentum will continue, injecting inexhaustible impetus into the economic and social development of Thailand and other LMC nations," the ambassador said.

As of 2023, the LMC special fund has supported Thailand in 77 projects, with a total funding amount of approximately 20 million U.S. dollars.


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