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China-ASEAN Clean Energy Capacity Building Program

Release Date :2019-09-07 15:10:20     Source:Belt and Road Energy Cooperation


To promote regional interconnectivity and share the experience in clean energy policy planning and technology application, China and ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE) will jointly implement the “China-ASEAN Clean Energy Capacity Building Program” to introduce the benefits of clean energy and sustainable development to more nations and regions and achieve a great step forward in regional energy and economy development.


ASEAN region stretches along the “21st Century Maritime Silk Road”, and is a key area of strategic cooperation in the economic belt of the “Belt and Road” have significant economy and energy development demands. However, the primary energy consumption per capita is about half of the world average and there are more than 100 million people having no access to electricity. The share of renewable energy takes up only 9% in the total primary energy consumption. There is room to improve the energy mix of ASEAN region. At the 33rd ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Energy on October 7, 2015, the goal to increase the share of renewable energy (excluding traditional biomass energy) in the ASEAN energy mix to 23% by 2025 was proposed. Therefore, the development of clean energy has become a priority of the ASEAN member states. China boasts rich clean energy development experience and world-leading technology. It leverages the advantages and is beneficial to both China and ASEAN to jointly promote clean energy capacity building and exchange. The two sides will deepen cooperation in clean energy, facilitate clean energy development and energy transition and promote regional economy integration.

[Principle and Objectives]

The China-ASEAN Clean Energy Capacity Building Program (“the program”) aims to promote the sustainable development of clean energy in ASEAN region, share experience in clean energy policy planning and technology application, and propel the exchange and development of core talents of the relevant sectors. The program aims to cultivate “100 policy and technology backbone talents in 10 years” and target at five main areas, including pumped storage, wind power, solar energy, nuclear power and conventional hydropower.

[Implementation Arrangement]

The Program will be jointly implemented by China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute (CREEI) and ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE). CREEI and ACE will organize an exchange project annually targeting at a specific sector (pumped storage, wind power, solar energy, nuclear power or conventional hydropower) and bring together policy or technical officials from China and ASEAN member states. The exchange project will focus on either policy or technology, whereas the former covers the topics such as policy framework, comprehensive planning philosophy, and industry management tools, and the latter resources requirements, equipment application, development, operation and maintenance, grid connection management, risk control, and environment and society. Moreover, a competent enterprise will be invited to join the organization of the exchange project. Apart from exchange and discussion, the participants will be brought to real projects for on-site investigation.

After the exchange project, CREEI, ACE and the enterprise will jointly grant the Certificates of Achievements to all participants at the East Asia Summit Clean Energy Forum.

[The Next Step Work]

The Launching Ceremony of China-ASEAN Clean Energy Capacity Building Program was held jointly by CREEI and ACE at the 3rd East Asia Summit Clean Energy Forum on July 4, 2017. The 1st Exchange Project of the program with the theme of Pumped Storage Capacity Building is scheduled in October 2017, in Hangzhou, China.

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