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British Petroleum

British Petroleum

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[Brief Introduction]

Starting in 1908 with the discovery of oil in Persia, BP has always been about transitions – from coal to oil, from oil to gas, from onshore to deep water, and now onwards towards a new mix of energy sources as the world moves into a lower carbon future

BP operates in 70 countries worldwide. BP finds and produces oil and gas on land and offshore. BP moves energy around the globe. BP manufacture and market fuels and raw materials used in thousands of everyday products, from mobile phones to food packaging.

Key facts

Countries of operation


Number of employees


Sales and other operating revenues

$240 billion

Underlying replacement cost profit

$6.2 billion

Barrels of oil equivalent produced per day (a)

3.6 million

Proved reserves (a)

18,441 million barrels of oil equivalent

New exploration access

28,000 square kilometres

Retail sites

Approximately 18,300

Refinery throughputs per day

1.7 million barrels

Petrochemicals produced

15.3 million tonnes

As at, or for the year ended, 31 December 2017, see footnote below.

Footnote: Includes BP's share of Rosneft as well as our interest in other equity-accounted entities.



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