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Release Date : 2018-07-05 16:05:18

[Brief Introduction]

There are 80 legal enterprises that comprise the group of companies of Kazatomprom, employing about 27,000 people. Assets of the National Atomic Company include all of the complexes of the enterprises involved in the production chain of end products – from geological exploration, extraction of uranium, and nuclear fuel production, to science, social security and training.

The strategic objectives of Kazatomprom are focused on maintaining their leading position in the world market of natural uranium, the maximum diversification of activities in the pre-reaction nuclear fuel cycle (NFC) by participation in foreign assets (in stages of conversion, separation of uranium isotopes, nuclear fuel production, construction of nuclear power plants); as well as diversification into hi-tech initiatives, with the development and use of the associated scientific and technical capacity of the company.


Geological exploration;

Production of natural uranium;

Production of nuclear fuel cycle (NFC);

Rare and rare-earth metals;


Scientific activity.


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