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Release Date : 2018-01-22 17:39:59

[Brief Introduction]

Pemex is the company in Mexico, through its long history, Pemex has become an oil company, developing entire productive chain: exploration, production, industrial processing/refining, logistics and marketing.

Pemex carries out extensive exploration and extraction projects every year, generating approximately 2.5 million barrels of oil daily and more than 6 million of cubic feet of natural gas. Pemex has 6 refineries, 8 petrochemical complexes and 9 gas processing complexes.

Logistically, Pemex has 83 land and maritime terminals, as well as oil and gas pipelines, maritime vessels, and varying fleets of ground transportation in order to supply over 10,000 service stations throughout the country.


The company has two subsidiaries: one of exploration and production, and the other of industrial transformation.

In addition, three subsidiaries that will strengthen the activities for the development of Phemex will be created: one of drilling, that will serve the new actors in the oil industry in Mexico and outside the country. And the other of logistics and transportation, by which Phemex offers these services in a competitive and reliable manner.

And finally, a company for cogeneration of electric energy, so as to generate up to 10 percent of all electric energy in the country.


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