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Korea Institute of Energy Research

Korea Institute of Energy Research

Release Date : 2018-07-05 16:06:41

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Since the founding in 1977, the Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER) has had different R&D missions to meet the challenges of the time: energy security and efficient use of domestic resources in the 1980's; stable supply of energy and high efficiency in energy use in the 1990's; climate change and energy-environmental technologies in the 2000's; low-carbon, green growth and new growth engine technologies in the 2010's.

Energy technology for high efficiency and new energy sources are the keys to the future growth for Korea, which heavily depends on foreign energy resources by importing most of its primary energy consumption. Recognizing its missions for the country from the beginning, the KIER has focused on comprehensive energy technologies except nuclear power. Now we believe it is time to converge diverse energy technologies to create a sustainable energy future.

The Korean administration set goals to provide 11% of the national energy consumption with renewable energy by 2030 in its national energy master plan and to reduce the CO2 emissions by 30% from BAU emissions by 2020 in order to meet the challenges of climate changes. The KIER takes the heavy responsibility to provide advanced energy technologies to realize these goals in good earnest.

The KIER, a global energy innovator, does its best in pursuing its mission to invent world-class energy technologies based on open innovation, life-cycle research quality assurance, participatory and open communication. Therefore the KIER will become the best energy technology R&D institute in the world, contributing to the creation of wealth and improvement of quality of life for the people.


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