The Export-Import Bank of China

The Export-Import Bank of China

Release Date : 2018-07-05 17:49:46

[Brief Introduction]

The Export-Import Bank of China is a state-funded and state-owned policy bank with the status of an independent legal entity. It is a bank directly under the leadership of the State Council and dedicated to supporting China’s foreign trade, investment and international economic cooperation. With the Chinese government’s credit support, the Bank plays a crucial role in promoting steady economic growth and structural adjustment, supporting foreign trade, and implementing the “going global” strategy. It is committed to reinforcing financial support to key sectors and weak links in the Chinese economy to ensure sustainable and healthy economic and social development. By the end of 2016, the Bank has 29 domestic branches and one domestic representative office in Hong Kong, four overseas institutions, namely, the Paris Branch, Representative Office for Southern and Eastern Africa, Representative Office for Northern and Western Africa, and St. Petersburg Representative Office.

[Founded Time]

In 1994.


Short-term, mid-term and long-term loans approved for foreign trade and the “Going Global” endeavors, including export credit, import credit, loans for offshore contracts and overseas investment, Chinese government concessional loans and preferential export buyer's credit;

Special loans designated by the State Council;

On-lending loans (donations) from foreign governments and international financial institutions whose risks are undertaken by the Bank as well as related Renminbi matching loans;

Deposit taking from credit customers;

Issuance of financial bonds;

Domestic and international settlement service and foreign exchange sale and purchase;

Other forms of trade finance, including letter of guarantee, letter of credit and forfeiting;

Entrusted loans related to foreign trade;

Guarantees related to foreign trade;

Approved foreign exchange business;

Bond trading (or on a commission basis) and underwriting;

Inter-bank borrowing and lending and balances with banks;

Credit record investigation, consultation, evaluation and witness services related to finance;

Bill acceptance and discount;

Agency collection and payment, and insurance agency;

Trading in financial derivatives and/or on a commission basis;

Asset-backed securitization;

Corporate financial advisory services;

Organizing or participating in syndicated loans;

Banking operations of overseas branches permitted by local laws and with the authorization of the Bank;

Equity investment and leasing business through subsidiary companies as duly approved;

And other businesses approved by the banking regulatory authority under the State Council;

We look forward to establishing extensive contact and expanding cooperation with friends in the financial, economic and trade sectors both at home and abroad.



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