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China, Vietnam agree to build community with shared future that carries strategic significance

Release Date:2023-12-19 14:32:46     Source:Xinhua

General Secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and Chinese President Xi Jinping attends a welcome ceremony held by General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee Nguyen Phu Trong in Hanoi, capital of Vietnam, Dec. 12, 2023. Upon Xi's arrival in Hanoi, he had a meeting with Trong on Tuesday. (Xinhua/Ju Peng)


China and Vietnam on Tuesday agreed to build a community with a shared future that carries strategic significance.

The two sides have announced the new positioning of relations between the two parties and countries and agreed to build a China-Vietnam community with a shared future that carries strategic significance on the basis of deepening the comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership between the two sides.

The announcement was made during the ongoing state visit to Vietnam by Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and Chinese president.

Xi attended a welcome ceremony held by General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) Central Committee Nguyen Phu Trong.

After the ceremony, Xi held a meeting with Trong. Xi said he is delighted to visit Vietnam as promised and complete the third round of mutual visits between the two leaders. China is pleased with the achievements made by Vietnam in the past nearly 40 years of "Doi Moi," the country's reform cause, especially since the 13th National Congress of the CPV, Xi said.

China firmly supports Vietnam in continuing to advance the cause of socialist construction, Xi said. He expressed confidence that under the firm leadership of the CPV with General Secretary Trong at the helm, the Vietnamese party and government will successfully implement the major goals and tasks set by the 13th National Party Congress of the CPV, laying a solid foundation for the successful realization of the two 100-year goals.

China and Vietnam have supported each other in their respective struggles for national independence and liberation, and have learned from each other in their respective undertakings of reform and opening-up as well as innovation, Xi said.

Xi said China always sees its ties with Vietnam from a strategic and long-term perspective, noting that at present, changes in the world, times and history are unfolding in an unprecedented manner.

As the world's top two ruling Communist parties, both the CPC and the CPV have been adhering to and developing Marxism, unswervingly following the path of socialism, and leading their respective country in socialist construction, said Xi.

All the more, the two parties should grasp the special strategic significance of China-Vietnam relations and make solid progress in building a China-Vietnam community with a shared future from the perspective of strengthening the socialist forces in the world and ensuring the steady and long-term progress of their respective cause of socialist construction, Xi added.

Xi said with joint efforts, China-Vietnam ties will enter a new stage of greater political mutual trust, more solid security cooperation, deeper mutually beneficial cooperation, stronger popular support, closer multilateral coordination and better handling of differences.

Xi also said that the cause of socialist construction in China and Vietnam will advance steadily and make new contributions to the stability, development and prosperity of the region and the world at large.

Xi made a six-point proposal on building a China-Vietnam community with a shared future, the first of which is to keep to the right political direction.

China and Vietnam should adhere to high-level strategic guidance, strengthen exchanges and mutual learning on the governance of party and state, and jointly deepen understanding of the ruling laws of Communist parties, as well as the laws of socialist construction and the development of human society, Xi said.

The two countries should firmly support one another on issues concerning each other's core interests and major concerns, and jointly uphold international equity and justice, he said.

Both sides should also deepen mutual trust on security, Xi said.

The two sides must prioritize national political security, ensure the red flag of socialism not to be changed, and spare no effort to prevent, defuse and contain all kinds of political and security risks, he said.

China firmly supports Vietnam in maintaining social stability and ethnic unity, and believes Vietnam will continue to support China in opposing external interference and firmly advancing the great cause of national reunification, he said.

Xi said the two countries should upgrade practical cooperation.

The modernization that includes the whole of more than 1.4 billion Chinese people is a great opportunity brought by China to the world, he said, adding that China is willing to share opportunities and seek common development with its Vietnamese comrades.

An active alignment with the eight major steps to support high-quality Belt and Road cooperation by the Vietnamese side is welcomed, Xi said, calling for expanding cooperation in such emerging areas as digital economy and green development.

The two sides should jointly implement the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, safeguard the global trading system, and build a secure, stable, unimpeded, efficient, open, inclusive and mutually beneficial global industrial chain and supply chain, he said.

China will continue to encourage competent Chinese enterprises to invest and do business in Vietnam and hopes that Vietnam will provide a good business environment for Chinese enterprises, he added.

The Chinese president also called for more input to cement the popular support for China-Vietnam friendship.

Bilateral cooperation should have a heavier focus on agriculture, education, health care and other fields concerning people's livelihood, Xi said, adding that the two sides should strengthen cooperation in such areas as youth, tourism as well as at the local level, deepen the two peoples' understanding on a China-Vietnam community with a shared future and on the traditional friendship between the two parties and countries, and enhance the bonds between the young generation of the two countries, to cement the popular support for China-Vietnam friendship.

China and Vietnam should work closely on international and regional issues, Xi continued, noting that the remarkable development achievements of the two countries are the result of both the hard work of both sides and an open and inclusive world, especially a peaceful and stable Asia-Pacific.

China does not engage in exclusive cliques, block politics or camp confrontation, Xi said, adding that China is ready to strengthen multilateral cooperation with Vietnam, and work with Vietnam to uphold genuine multilateralism, and jointly increase the voice and influence of developing countries in international affairs.

Xi also called on the two countries to manage differences on maritime issues.

The two sides should actively discuss and carry out more maritime cooperation projects, strive to promote joint maritime development, and turn challenges posed by maritime issues into opportunities of bilateral cooperation, he added.

On behalf of the Vietnamese party, state and people, Trong warmly welcomed Xi's state visit to Vietnam on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Vietnam-China comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership, and once again extended sincere congratulations on the major theoretical and practical innovation achievements made at the 20th CPC National Congress.

Trong said that under the strong leadership of Xi and the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, China has made all-round achievements and its international status and influence are increasing day by day. Vietnam is sincerely happy for brotherly China, he said.

Vietnam firmly believes that under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Xi at its core, China will achieve all the goals set at the 20th CPC National Congress as scheduled and make new and significant contributions to the cause of human progress.

Trong said Xi is a comrade and friend respected and admired by the Chinese people. Trong said both Xi's invitation of him to China immediately after the 20th CPC National Congress and Xi's third visit to Vietnam as promised fully demonstrated his special friendly feelings towards Vietnam and the high level of Vietnam-China relations.

Trong said that Vietnam-China friendship is deep as comrades and brothers, adding that not long ago, he personally went to the Friendship Pass to plant a tree of friendship, hoping to highlight the special brotherly friendship between Vietnam and China, and send a positive signal of the special friendship between the two countries.

Trong thanked China for taking Vietnam as a priority in its neighboring diplomacy, firmly supporting Vietnam's cause of reform, innovation, opening-up, industrialization and modernization, and providing valuable assistance to Vietnam during difficult times such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Vietnamese side firmly upholds the one-China principle, recognizes Taiwan as an inalienable part of the Chinese territory, supports China's cause of reunification and firmly opposes separatist activities of "Taiwan independence" in any form, Trong said.

Issues related to Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Xizang are all China's internal affairs, he said, adding that Vietnam opposes any force to interfere in China's internal affairs, hopes and also believes that China will maintain stability, development and prosperity.

Vietnam adheres to an independent foreign policy and takes developing relations with China as a top priority and strategic choice, Trong said.

Vietnam is willing to work with China to build a Vietnam-China community with a shared future that carries strategic significance, comprehensively strengthen cooperation in political, economic, trade, security and non-governmental areas, and set a good example of mutual benefits and win-win results, which are in line with the common interests of the two parties, governments and peoples, he said.

Maritime disputes are only part of Vietnam-China relations, and it is believed that the two sides can properly handle them in the spirit of mutual trust and mutual respect, Trong said, adding that Vietnam and China share the same idea in safeguarding multilateralism and international fairness and justice, and promoting peace, cooperation and development.

The important global initiatives proposed by Xi, such as the joint construction of the Belt and Road, the Global Development Initiative, the Global Security Initiative and the Global Civilization Initiative, are aimed at safeguarding the common interests of all mankind and are fully in line with international laws, he said, adding that they have received extensive support and positive response from the international community and that Vietnam firmly supports and stands ready to actively join them.

In the current complex international situation, it is of great significance for both countries and the world that Vietnam and China working closely in multilateral cooperation and jointly tackling various traditional and non-traditional security challenges, Trong said.

He said he believes Xi's visit will surely become a historic milestone in promoting Vietnam-China relations to a higher level and contribute to peace and development of the region and the world.

After the talks, Xi and Trong witnessed the display of bilateral cooperation documents signed by the two sides, covering more than 30 fields such as the Belt and Road cooperation, inspection and quarantine, development cooperation, digital economy, green development, transportation, local cooperation, defense and law enforcement security cooperation, and maritime cooperation.

Trong invited Xi to have a small chat over tea. The general secretaries of the two parties continued in-depth communication in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

They believe that China and Vietnam, as friendly neighbors, share the same ideals and ideas. As good neighbors, good partners, good brothers and good comrades, the two countries enjoy unique climatic, geographical and human advantages favorable for building a community with a shared future that carries strategic significance.

They said that the two sides should carry on the traditional friendship forged by leaders of the older generation, make joint efforts to build a community with a shared future, take their own modernization path, achieve mutual benefits and win-win results, learn from each other, benefit the two peoples, and make positive contributions to regional peace and prosperity.

They also agreed to issue a joint statement on further deepening and elevating the comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership and building a China-Vietnam community with a shared future that carries strategic significance.


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