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China Southern Power Grid

China Southern Power Grid

Release Date : 2020-04-23 17:46:04

[Basic Information]

China Southern Power Grid constructs and operates power grids in five southern provinces … namely Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou and Hainan … with a total service area spanning 1 million km2 and serving more than 252 million people.

In Year 2019, CSG sold 1051.8 TWh of electricity, generating revenue of $81.2 billion USD, with total assets reaching $133.2 billion USD.

At present, CSG ranks 111st on the Fortune Global 500 list. Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitch have all honored China Southern Power Grid with their highest sovereign ratings.

Offering long distance, extra-high voltage and hybrid AC/DC operation, CSG operates one of the most sophisticated and technically-advanced power grids in the world.

With its grid spanning 2,000 kilometers from West to East and a total installed capacity of 310 GW, China Southern Power Grid has instituted “8 AC and 10 DC” - totaling 18 channels in the West-to-East Power Transmission Project with a maximum transmission capacity of 50 GW.

[Social Responsibility]

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Power Grid Development

China Southern Power Grid Company constructs and operates the power grids in Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, and Hainan provinces. As the power grid with the largest transmission volume from west to east, the best social performance and the strongest development momentum, CSG strives to build a smart, efficient, reliable, green and modern power grid.

During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the general principle of CSG is "to optimize main grid, enhance distribution grid and upgrade rural grid". CSG will increase investment in key areas, further construct and upgrade distribution grids, comprehensively enhancing the construction of key projects and urban as well as rural distribution network. The Diannan two-circuit 500 kV AC project and the first unit of Qingyuan Pumped-Storage Power Station have been put into operation on schedule. The second circuit of the 500 kV Hainan Grid Interconnection Project and Meizhou, Yangjiang Pumped-Storage Stations are under construction. The ± 800 kV HVDC project from northwest Yunnan to Guangdong has been approved. In 2015, CSG updated the first and the second batches of rural power grids with a total investment of RMB 5.95 billion and a 100% completion rate.

CSG will make every effort to conduct poverty alleviation projects in Donglan (Guangxi) and Weixi (Yunnan) and implement PV projects in Bijie-Weining (Guizhou). It will also deepen the application of thestandard design and typical cost V 1.0. CSG will continue to strengthen standardizedand incentive material bidding and procurement, with material procurementrate reaching 90.4% both at the maingird level and provincial levelwhich will lay the foundation for cost control and ensure project quality.

Safe Power Supply

CSG comprehensively strengthened closed-loop risk control of the system operation, formulated and implemented 43 key projects and 278 measures on preventing 10 major operational risks of the grid. With these measures in place, CSG has been able to effectively resolve risk of accidents. We also optimized the application of the safety management system, conducted differentiated operation and maintenance, and carried out standardized overhauling. Subsidiaries with grave risks including the risk of losing control are subject to rectification and improvement.

CSG explored the application of a new patrol and maintenance mode combining the use of helicopter and people patrol. With this new mode, we have covered a total length of 67,000 km transmission lines with helicopter patrol, identified and resolved more than 25,000 defects and hidden perils. We have successfully completed 16 major power supply tasks including power supply to the Boao Forum for Asia.

We give a full play to the contingency mechanism featuring prevention, defense and relief before, during and after the disaster. With such a mechanism, we successfully dealt with the attack of “rainbow”, a strong typhoon which hit South China, and resumed power supply for 4.473 million households affected in a relatively short period of time. And in the voltage-loss incident of the 500 KV Guangnan Substation due to the attack of a tornado, Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau managed to resume power supply for affected customers in 5 hours and resume normal operation within the grid in 5 days. It created the famous “CSG Efficiency”, signifying outstanding power restoration efficiency under extreme circumstances in a megalopolis. It is well acknowledged by the local governments and people from all walks of life.



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