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Development Research Center Of The State Council

Development Research Center Of The State Council

Release Date : 2018-07-02 16:11:33

[Basic Information]

The Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC) is a policy research and consulting institution directly under the State Council, the central government of the People's Republic of China. Its major function includes:

1. Conduct follow-up and advanced study on overall, comprehensive, strategic and long-term issues in national economic and social development and provide policy recommendations and advice to the CPC Central Committee and the State Council; provide decision-making proposals for mid- and long-term development plans and regional development policies; participate in and sponsor the study and demonstration of development programs by relevant departments and localities and offer its advice and proposals;

2. Study trends in the development of the national economy and analyze the macro-economic situation so as to provide advice and proposals for the overall application of macro-economic policies;

3. Study industrial economic development and industrial policies; offer advice and proposals on adjusting the industrial structure, investment structure, enterprise organization structure and ownership structure; offer advice on policies for technology selection and innovation as well as the development of new and high technologies;

4. Study issues in agriculture and rural economic structure adjustment, rural economic system change, rural economy and social management as well as coordinated development of urban-rural areas;

5. Study the new situation and new issues in China's opening-up, as well as foreign trade and foreign investment utilization policies, and provide policy recommendations; conduct research on trends in world economic development, as well as on relevant experiences and lessons, so as to provide reference for China's reform and development;

6. Study policies for human resources development, income distribution and social security in national economic and social development, as well as policies for rational development and utilization of natural resources, ecological balance and environmental protection;

7. Make assessment on major economic and social policy initiatives and effects under the instruction of CPC Central Committee and the State Council; interpret major national policies and experience relating to economic and social development;

8. Undertake drafting of relevant documents and articles entrusted by leading members of CPC Central Committee and the State Council

9. Conduct international collaborative research and exchanges with relevant international organizations and research institutions and provide information and foreign-related policy recommendations to the CPC Central Committee and the State Council;

10. Undertake other missions entrusted by the State Council.


Committee for Assessment of Academic Qualifications

The Committee for Assessment of Academic Qualifications of the DRC carries out the annual assessment of academic qualifications of the DRC’s researchers and formulates prerequisites for applicants of academic titles in accordance with national rules and regulations on academic qualification assessment and the practical situation of the DRC.

Academic Committee

The Academic Committee is the DRC’s top academic management body and its leader in research work.


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