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Energy Internet Research Institute of Tsinghua University

Energy Internet Research Institute of Tsinghua University

Release Date : 2018-07-05 17:46:57

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The energy internet, the core innovation of the Third Industrial Revolution, is the inevitable choice for promoting the energy revolution and has become a new focus of science and technology innovation both in academic and industrial fields. It is a new WAN with organic integration of energy and information as well as with special emphasis of the internet idea as liberal multilateralism, broad participation, information symmetry and user experience. The energy internet can subvert the traditional energy industry in terms of market environment, business model, technology system and management system, and will construct an environment with super fusing capacity for capital, talent, technology and industry.

Tsinghua University has profound work foundation and first mover advantage in fields of prospective research and development strategy planning of the energy internet. In December 2014, Tsinghua University has approved the setup of the Energy Internet Research Institute (EIRI).


EIRI had led the research of 5 topics about operation strategy of national energy internet, as well as the research about Internet plus smart energy. Demonstration project had been setup in Beijing, Sichuan, Guangdong and Jiangsu for the development of regional energy systems. Cooperate with Development Research Center of the State Council and Energy Research Institute of National Development and Reform Commission, EIRI has become one of the significant research institutes in the region of smart energy. EIRI has also promoted the low carbon development model among Sichuan Province and the Tsinghua University in China, and The Washington State and the University of Washington in the United States (the “2+2” cooperation). The agreement of the “2+2” cooperation had been signed on Sep.23th, 2015, when Chinese president XI Jinping visit Seattle, and Tsinghua-Sichuan Energy Internet Institution had been setup at the same time. The two institutes will prompt China‘s development of energy internet from policy, technology and industry aspects.


Set up on Apr.24th, Energy Internet Research Institute (EIRI) will develop the comprehensive advantage of electric, materials, thermal energy, nuclear energy, water conservancy, information, environment and architecture in Tsinghua.

It is committed to make the EIRI the important center of talent cultivation, the science and technology innovation and the industrial concentration in the field of energy internet in the world.

It is committed to make the EIRI the influential think tank in advising on development strategy and revolution policy for the next generation of energy internet both at home and abroad.

It is committed to make the EIRI the communal and intersectional platform with scientific research, technology transformation and key application, forming a series of major strategic achievements and producing enormous social and economic benefits through mechanism innovation, achievement transformation and wide demonstration.



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