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Release Date : 2018-01-15 17:43:12

[Brief Introduction]

Areva is a French multinational group, business mainly include nuclear power and renewable energy, headquartered in Paris La Défense.

New Areva transforms nuclear materials so that they can be used to support the development of society, first and foremost in the field of energy.

The group offers products, technologies and services throughout the entire nuclear fuel cycle, from raw materials to waste treatment. Its activities encompass mining, uranium chemistry, enrichment, used fuel recycling, logistics, dismantling and engineering.


Areva’s activities are divided into 5 Business Groups:

Mining: combines operations related to uranium exploration, extraction, processing and reclamation of sites;

Front End: encompasses uranium conversion and enrichment, nuclear fuel design and production;

Reactors and Services: designs and builds nuclear power plants, naval propulsion reactors and research reactors, and manufactures related equipment;

Back End: manages all operations in the back end of the nuclear cycle, from used nuclear fuel recycling to the dismantling and value development of nuclear facilities;

Renewable Energies: develops and manages a portfolio of operations revolving around 4 renewable energies: wind energy, bio-energy, solar power, and hydrogen power, as well as energy storage.


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