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Romania Energy Center

Romania Energy Center

Release Date : 2018-07-06 10:54:44

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ROEC is Romania’s first English language energy studies think tank, an independent organization focused on energy research and analysis, established in 2010. ROEC is a non-partisan organization that can best be described as a hybrid entity: part think tank, part consultancy. ROEC specializes in complex analytics, energy market fundamentals, diagnostic and trend analysis, forecasting, energy policy, political risk assessment, monitoring of the energy regulatory framework, and analysis of business opportunities. The mission is to engage Romanian and foreign energy professionals on various energy matters, to tackle analysis worthy topics that escape the radar of the public eye, to enrich the current understanding of SEE energy markets through a strong Romanian perspective. ROEC does this by delivering sharp analytical products on topics that deem to be of interest. As a thought leader, ROEC sets the stage for readers to better understand unfolding events and develop informed opinions of their own.


Editor: Yaling

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