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Xi meets Algerian prime minister

Release Date:2022-12-13 08:55:07     Source:Xinhua

Chinese President Xi Jinping meets with Algerian Prime Minister Ayman Benabderrahmane in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Dec. 9, 2022. (Photo by Yue Yuewei/Xinhua)

Chinese President Xi Jinping met Algerian Prime Minister Ayman Benabderrahmane here on Friday.

Emphasizing that China and Algeria enjoy traditional friendship and their practical cooperation has yielded fruitful results, Xi said China firmly supports Algeria in safeguarding national sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, supports Algeria in pursuing a development path that suits its own national conditions, and opposes interference by external forces in Algeria's internal affairs.

He expressed gratitude to the Algerian side for its unequivocal support on issues concerning China's core interests, and said China is willing to make joint efforts with Algeria to continue the traditional friendship and push for new progress in the China-Algeria comprehensive strategic partnership.

China-Algeria practical cooperation has a solid foundation and great potential, Xi said, adding that China is willing to deepen cooperation with Algeria in the fields including infrastructure, energy, mining and aerospace within the framework of Belt and Road cooperation, and will encourage more Chinese companies to participate in the construction of major projects in Algeria.

Xi pointed out that Algeria has long adhered to independence and played an important role in safeguarding legitimate rights and interests of developing countries, and China is willing to strengthen solidarity and cooperation with Algeria to jointly practice true multilateralism.

He congratulated Algeria on assuming the rotating presidency of the League of Arab States, and said China is willing to work with Algeria to create new prospects for relations between China and Arab countries, and strengthen cooperation within the framework of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation.

For his part, Benabderrahmane said that Xi has broad support of the Chinese people and has led China to a successful path of development with remarkable achievements. The prime minister also thanked China for its long-term and valuable support to Algeria, including the supply of COVID-19 vaccines and production of vaccines in the country.

Benabderrahmane said Algeria and China share consensus on many international issues, and the Algerian side will continue to adhere to the one-China principle, uphold the principle of non-interference in other countries' internal affairs, and advocate the common values of all mankind.

The Algerian side hopes to further strengthen cooperation with the Chinese side in infrastructure and other fields, and strive for new progress in Arab-China and Africa-China relations, he added.

Ding Xuexiang, Wang Yi and He Lifeng, among others, were present at the meeting.


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