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China to implement demonstration projects featuring green, low-carbon technologies

Release Date:2023-08-24 14:53:13     Source:Xinhua

China will implement a batch of demonstration projects featuring advanced green and low-carbon technologies, which will provide strong support in achieving its carbon peak and neutrality goals, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) said Tuesday.

The projects will focus on several key sectors, including non-fossil energy, the fields of industry and construction, new and efficient types of power grids and energy storage, as well as carbon dioxide capture, according to a circular formulated by the NDRC and nine other departments.

Funding support, such as investment from the central budget, as well as financial and tax policy support, will be strengthened for the aforementioned projects, the circular said.

By 2025, a number of advanced green and low-carbon technological achievements will be transformed and applied, while supportive policies, business models and regulatory mechanisms conducive to the promotion and application of the technologies will be gradually refined.

By 2030, the international competitive edge of green and low-carbon technologies and industries will be further strengthened, according to the document.


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