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Conference to gather worldwide Wuxi entrepreneurs

Release Date:2019-05-16 15:54:44     Source:China Daily

The third Wuxi Global Business Conference, gathering businesspeople with family ties to Wuxi, opens on Sept 22, 2017. [Photo provided to]

Wuxi will host the fourth Global Business Conference on May 21, inviting Wuxi entrepreneurs from around the world to exchange ideas and talk about future development.

The conference will feature the signing of a range of new projects, speeches from entrepreneurs and reveal the top 10 Wuxi entrepreneurs and top 100 Wuxi private companies.

The conference, held for the fourth year, has witnessed a number of projects being signed over its lifetime.

In 2013, some 500 Wuxi entrepreneurs from 25 countries and regions gathered in Wuxi to promote themselves and seek out business cooperation opportunities.

During the second conference, a total of 17 projects were signed, amounting to 16.5 billion yuan ($1.13 billion). Eleven real industrial projects included internet +, robots, LCD panels, environmental protection equipment, automotive manufacturing and smart energy.

Ten outstanding overseas businesspeople with ties to Wuxi are awarded at the third Wuxi Global Business Conference. [Photo provided to]

Deals for 18 projects worth a combined 25.66 billion yuan ($3.89 billion) were signed during the third conference in 2017, covering fields such as smart technology, environmental protection and social welfare.

Wuxi Global Business Conference is intended to become a platform for Wuxi entrepreneurs to attract foreign investors and talents while promoting the economic development of the city.



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