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The 1st Project Promotion Conference of Energy Cooperation Under the China-AU Energy Partnership was held successfully

Release Date :2023-08-28 11:16:58     Source:CREEI

In October 2021National Energy Administration of People's Republic of China (NEA) and Africa Union Commission (AUC) launched the China-AU Energy Partnership (hereinafter referred to as the Partnership). The two outcome documents of the 8th Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) Dakar Declaration and Dakar Action Plan (2022-2024) both recognize the partnership as an important part of practical cooperation between Africa and China. In June 2022China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute (CREEI) was commissioned by NEA to lead the preparatory and operational works of the partnership.

On Augst 22nd, under the guidance of NEA and AUC, the 1st Project Promotion Conference of Energy Cooperation Under the Partnership was successfully held, which was co-hosted by CREEI and Permanent Representative of the AU to China, and co-organized by China Society for Hydropower Engineering. The theme of the conference was "Sharing African Energy Development Opportunities, Promoting Pragmatic Cooperation for Africa-China Energy Projects ". The conference aims to promote China-Africa energy cooperation, help Chinese enterprises to find opportunities for cooperation in energy projects in Africa, and actively participate in the PIDA and the investment and construction of energy projects in African countries.

More than 70 international organizations, government departments, think tanks, financial institutions and energy companies participated offline. Among them, 15 ambassadors from the AU and 30 African embassies to China, totaling 43 African envoys attended the meeting. This meeting is the 1st energy project promotion conference under the Partnership, which aims at all partners who are interested in promoting the investment and construction of energy infrastructure, boosting the rapid socio-economic development of Africa, and continuously expanding the new horizons of South-South cooperation! The success of the project promotion conference cannot be achieved without the support of all sides. It will pioneer efforts to promote China-Africa energy cooperation in great expectations!


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