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China Electricity Council

China Electricity Council

Release Date : 2017-12-06 14:01:51

[Basic Information]

China Electricity Council (CEC) is a joint organization of China's power enterprises and institutions. The Board of CEC has gone through six terms. The sixth term of the Board took office in December 2015.

[Founded Time]

In December 1988.


CEC now has 939 members in total, among which 172 are council members, 77 are executive committee members and 17 are presidential members. The leadership of the CEC Board consists of the 17 presidential members, with State Grid Corporation of China as president member and 16 major power corporations and institutions as vice president members. Most of these members are engaged in business of every aspects of power industry, including power generation, transmission, distribution, engineering, construction and R&D, etc. With 14 departments in its head-office, 7 branch associations and 2 specialty committees, CEC has formed a functional and orderly service network covering the nation-wide power industry.


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