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China Nuclear Energy Association

China Nuclear Energy Association

Release Date : 2017-12-27 16:42:10

[Basic Information]

The China Nuclear Energy Association (CNEA), as a national non-profit nongovernmental organization, was established on April 18, 2007.

[Founded Time]

On April 18, 2007.


CNEA performs the following duties:

Organizing communication and cooperation between the members and the government;

Helping arrange the international exchange for its members with foreign associations and enterprises;

Carrying out studies on nuclear energy situation, industry development strategy and other key issues, shaping market predict and economic analysis;

Organizing the peer reviews for operational NPPs;

Organizing assessment on nuclear power projects under construction and experience exchange;

Organizing to disseminate information and knowledge concerning nuclear energy utilization and building nuclear safety culture;

Organizing post training for nuclear energy staff;

Offering technical consultation and special technical services under authorization by the government and enterprises.


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