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It is aworldwide non-profit organisation registered in Vevey, Switzerland with theSecretariat currently located in Barcelona, Spain. The more than 160 members ofIGU are associations and corporations of the gas industry representing over 95%of the global gas market. The working organisation of IGU covers the completevalue of gas chain from exploration and production, transmission via pipelinesand liquefied natural gas(LNG)as well as distribution and combustion of gas atthe point of use.

[Founded Time]

In 1931.


IGU works to improve the competitivenessof gas in the world energy markets by promoting transparency, public acceptanceefforts and the removal of supply and market access barriers.

IGU seeks to collaborate with governmentalagencies and multilateral organizations to demonstrate the economic, social andenvironmental benefits of gas in the global energy mix.

IGU supports and facilitates thedevelopment of new technologies and best practices while emphasizing soundenvironmental performance, safety, reliability and efficiency across the entirevalue chain.

IGU maximizes the value of its services tomembers and other stakeholders.


The more than160 members of IGU are associations and corporations of the gas industryrepresenting over 95% of the global gas market.

As per today,IGU has 85 Charter members,15 Premium Associate Members and 62 Associatemembers in 5 Continents. 

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