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Electric Power Planning & Engineering Institute

Electric Power Planning & Engineering Institute

Release Date : 2017-12-27 18:41:55

[Basic Information]

Electric Power Planning & Engineering Institute (EPPEI) mainly provides services to the government, financial institutions, electric power industry and relevant enterprises. Its main business area covers: studies related to electric power industry, e.g. development strategy, power planning, industrial policy, new technology R&D, etc.; engineering review, evaluation, and consultation for power projects; as well as the scientific research & standardization work. EPPEI is qualified by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) to conduct the evaluation of electric power projects.

[Founded Time]

In 1975.


EPPEI was founded in 1975, with an initial name of Power Planning & Engineering Institute (or Power Planning & Engineering Administration) of the Ministry of Water Resources and Electric Power. Since then EPPEI had been managed consecutively by Ministry of Water Resources and Electric Power, Ministry of Electric Power, Ministry of Energy, State Power Corporation (SPC), China Power Engineering Consulting Group Corporation (CPECC), and China Energy Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (CEEC). It had been renamed several times during this process: Electric Power Planning & Engineering Institute of Ministry of Electric Power (in May, 1993), Electric Power Planning & Engineering Institute of SPC (in May, 1998) and Electric Power Planning and Engineering Institute (in March, 2004). On behalf of the Ministries, EPPEI has mainly functioned as a management body of national electric power planning and design.

In April 1997, approved by the Ministry of Electric Power, China Power Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. was established on the basis of the former Electric Power Planning & Engineering Institute. The institute and the newly founded company coexisted with their functions relatively separated.

In 2002, the government implemented a major reform on China's electric power industry. As a result, China Power Engineering Consulting Group Corporation (CPECC) was founded. As one of the 4 secondary business corporations in power industry, CPECC was put under the administration of the State-owned Assets Supervision & Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC). Meanwhile, EPPEI, as a public institution funded by state-owned assets, remained in the Headquarter of CPECC and continued to be in charge of the management of national power planning and engineering.

According to the reform confirmed by the government to separate the secondary business of the power grid companies from their main business, and the restructuring and consolidating scheme to integrate power engineering and construction enterprises, China Energy Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (CEEC) was formally established in September 2011. In accordance with the requirements of the scheme and the administrative mode of CEEC, EPPEI is separated from CPECC and is directly administered by CEEC. EPPEI has its independent business departments while other administrative functional managements are performed in trust by CPECC's related departments, i.e. the departments of Human Resources, Financing and Property Management, Supervision & Audit, Party Works, etc.


As for specific technologies, EPPEI has researched and applied many advanced technologies, such as: UHV AC and DC power transmission & transformation technology, smart grid technology, design technology of the fossil fuel power plant with high-parameter and large-capacity units, design technology of nuclear power plant, new materials, new process and new techniques for energy saving and environmental protection and their applications, as well as the economics of power projects. EPPEI has accomplished nearly 200 national/industrial technical standards, with over 100 patented technologies and inventions.


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