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Xi'an Thermal Power Research Institute Co.,Ltd

Xi'an Thermal Power Research Institute Co.,Ltd

Release Date : 2018-07-06 10:55:31

[Basic Information]

Thermal Power Research Institute (“TPRI” in short) is a research organization in the field of thermal power engineering in China. It is directly under the administration of different Chinese government ministries for years in history. It is now controlled by the five major Chinese independent power generation groups, which were created after the power sector restructuring in 2002.

TPRI has been actively involved in key R&D projects funded by the government authorities, such as the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). Its major R&D efforts are devoted to thermal power generation technologies and equipments, mainly to thermal power plant operation, automation and information management, clean coal power generation, new power generation and renewable power generation technologies. It is capable of providing technical and economic solutions to power plant operation optimization, pollutants reduction and equipment life extension.


Thermal Power Chapter of Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering
4 National Standardization Technical Committees
7 Standardization Technical Committees of Power Industry
Quality Inspection and Test Center for Power Generation Equipment and Materials
Thermal Power Metrology and Test Center for Power Industry
Editor’s House of Thermal Power Generation


Clean Coal Technology;

Turbine Technology;

Performance Technology;

Commissioning Technology;

Materials Technology;

Automation Technology;

Information Technology;


Technical Supervision;

Power Utility Construction Technology;

Chemical Technology.


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