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Petroleum Authority of Thailand

Petroleum Authority of Thailand

Release Date : 2018-07-05 14:34:48

[Brief Introduction]

Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT) was established on December 29, 1978, concurrently in the period of the second world crisis of petroleum shortages. Thus, PTT commenced its primary mission in expediting to procure adequate oil for domestic consumption.

Following the privatization of the state enterprise "Petroleum Authority of Thailand", PTT Public Company Limited or "PTT" was registered on October 1, 2001 "under Corporatization Act B.E. 2542 (A.D. 1999). PTT inherited from its predecessor or business operations, rights, debts, liabilities, assets and personal.

PTT has an initial registered capital of Baht 20,000 million (10 Baht/share). Having the Ministry of Finance as the largest shareholder, the company was listed on.


Gas Unit

PTT and the companies under the Upstream Petroleum and Gas Business Group have undertaken a fully integrated natural gas business covering the entire chain of natural gas from exploration and production, procurement, transportation to gas separation and marketing of natural gas. In addition, PTT invests in gas-related business - both domestically and internationally - as well as develop new businesses.

Oil Unit

Retail Marketing; Commercial Marketing; Petroleum Supply and Logistics; Terminal Management and Operations; Foreign Investments; Investments and Joint-Ventures with affiliates and partnership companies.

International Trading Unit

International Trading Business Unit operates fully-integrated international business to enhance national energy security in parallel with the expansion of the trading base to all regions of the world. The business unit covers procurement, import, export and international trade in several products including: crude oil, condensate, LPG, petroleum and petrochemical products, chemical solvents, crude palm oil, refined palm oil, palm kernel shells and other commodities. The business units also in charge of price risk management and international chartering in order to become the leading multinational trading company, enhance energy security for the Kingdom, and strive for Thai pride in the international trade arena.



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