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China National Nuclear Corporation

China National Nuclear Corporation

Release Date : 2020-04-21 15:46:08

[Basic Information]

China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) is mainly engaged in research and development, construction, production and operation in the fields of nuclear power, nuclear fuel cycle, nuclear applications, environmental protection and nuclear engineering, as well as international cooperation, imports and exports.


Nuclear Power

CNNC is anticipated to have 21 units in operation and 6 units under construction by the end of 2019, which have generated 121.1 billion kilowatt hours in 2018 with paramount operating performance.

Nuclear Fuel

CNNC has completed the demonstration project for a new-generation uranium enrichment centrifugal machine.

Nuclear Uranium

CNNC has established China's first kiloton-level uranium mine in Yili, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region. Major progress has been made on the construction of another two kiloton-level uranium production centers in Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

Nuclear Engineering and Construction

CNNC has formed an complete industrial chain for nuclear power plant construction, which includes overall civil work, installation capabilities, such as earthwork, prestress, concrete, steel lining, hoisting, nondestructive testing, and maintenance expertise, as well as site accommodation and amenities.

Environmental Protection

CNNC has constructed a radiochemical experiment facility for nuclear fuel reprocessing.

Nuclear Applications

CNNC's nuclear technology application extends to isotopes and related products, nuclear medicine, nuclear instruments and apparatus, radioactive sources and industrial applications, as well as irradiation processing.

New Engergy

Wind power development will be based on the northwest region with some attention to the central region, and will then spread out nationwide on a large scale.





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