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China National Petroleum Corporation

China National Petroleum Corporation

Release Date : 2020-04-21 15:46:08

[Basic Information]

China National Petroleum Corporation is the world’s 3rd largest oil company based in China and plays a leading role in China's petroleum industry. We integrate the business portfolios of both an oil company and an oilfield service provider, with operations covering the entire oil and gas industry value chain. Having oil and gas assets and interests in over 30 countries, we are playing a greater role in the global petroleum circle.


China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) is an integrated international energy company with businesses and operations covering:

Oil and gas exploration & production, refining & chemicals, natural gas & pipelines and marketing & trading.

Oilfield services in geophysical prospecting, well drilling, well logging, downhole operation and offshore engineering etc.

Oil and gas field surface engineering, pipeline construction and refining & chemical plant construction.

Manufacturing of prospecting facilities, drilling and recovery equipment, specialized tubular goods and power equipment.

Capital management, finance and insurance services.

Unconventional oil and gas resources, biomass energy and other renewable energies.



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