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Harbin Electric Corporation

Harbin Electric Corporation

Release Date : 2020-04-28 16:07:33

[Basic Information]

Harbin Electric Corporation (hereinafter referred to as HE) is evolved from six projects of China’s 156 key construction projects aided by former USSR during the period of China’s first Five-Year Plan. Established by reorganizing Harbin’s Three Power Factories (Harbin Boiler Co., Ltd, Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd, Harbin Turbine Co, Ltd), it is China’s earliest R&D and manufacturing base of power generation equipment. Now HE has become one of the 52 state-owned backbone enterprises that concern national security and the lifelines of the national economy.

As the ‘eldest son’ of China’s equipment manufacturing industry, HE has established numerous monuments throughout the national development history of power generation equipment. In the past 60 years, HE has been dedicating itself to the prosperity and development of China’s equipment manufacturing industry. With great efforts, it has developed a series of leading products that ranges from nuclear power, hydropower, coal power, gas power, ships power plants and electric-driven devices to turnkey power plant projects, in which the core technical competences have reached the world’s advanced level.

[Social Responsibility]

Building HE into an environment-friendly enterprise and a big harmonious and sweet family; pursuing amicable co-existence among people, between man and nature, and between man and the society; building a good atmosphere of mutual understanding, trust and care internally and close cooperation between the natural environment and the human environment externally.

HE continuously carries out management of and publicity to social responsibility, and sticks to the “whole-process, all-round and total-member principle” to advance social responsibility drive. In responsibility practice, HE continuously summarizes and extracts excellent management cases and typical experiences of corporate social responsibility, and establishes and perfects relevant responsibility systems, to in-depth promote whole-process coverage, all-round integration and total-member participation in management of corporate social responsibility, and make active contributions to sustained and stable development of the enterprise and to social harmony and stability.

Whole-process coverage:

Integrating the requirements for management of social responsibility into the production and operation system.Integrating the requirements for management of social responsibility into assets and economic operation management.Integrating the requirements for management of social responsibility into assets and economic operation management.

All-round integration:

Reshaping enterprise mission and enterprise values.Formulating and implementing sustainable development strategy.Optimizing governance mechanism and establishing social responsibility advancement system.Establishing and perfecting stakeholder participation mechanism.Building comprehensive value creation performance appraisal system.

All employee participation:

Leaders firstly promise to be models in advancing social responsibility management.Conducting social responsibility training of all members.Creating good institutional environment and cultural atmosphere in the system, institution and resources aspects.


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