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Venezuelan president appoints new FM, state oil company chief

Release Date:2023-01-10 12:38:36     Source:Xinhua

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Friday appointed Yvan Gil as the new foreign affairs minister and Pedro Tellechea as the new president of state-owned oil company Petroleos de Venezuela S.A.

"It's a great responsibility. I'm sure he will perform with great professionalism," Maduro said of Gil on his Twitter account.

The new foreign minister replaces Carlos Faria, whom Maduro thanked for "outstanding work," adding that Carlos will be assigned new tasks soon.

Gil previously headed the Agriculture and Land Ministry (2013-2014) and, since 2017, has served as deputy foreign minister for Europe.

Tellechea, a mechanical engineer with a specialty in public finance, was head of Petroquimica de Venezuela, the South American country's main state-owned petrochemical company, before being tapped to replace Asdrubal Chavez at Petroleos de Venezuela S.A.

Maduro also appointed Rear Admiral Anibal Coronado as the new head of government for the Francisco de Miranda Insular Territory, which comprises several islands in the Caribbean Sea.


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