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Electricity sector lobby of Kenya lauds Chinese tech in renewable energy

Release Date:2023-02-10 17:42:25     Source:Xinhua

Kenya's electricity sector lobby said on Monday that Chinese technology will play a key role in boosting the East African nation's uptake of solar and wind power generation.

George Aluru, the chairperson of the Electricity Sector Association of Kenya (ESAK), told journalists in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi that China has developed advanced technology in renewable energy that is abundant in Kenya.

"When it comes to power generation, China has the best equipment around, and even the rest of the world is also sourcing from China," Aluru said when the ESAK signed a memorandum of understanding with the Association for Electric Mobility and Development in Africa.

Aluru revealed that due to heavy investments in research and development, China is continuously improving the quality of its renewable energy generation equipment.

He observed that the leading Chinese solar and wind equipment manufacturers have also developed regional hubs to maintain their equipment sold overseas.

"China is just one ship and one flight away, making their equipment very convenient for Kenya's renewable electricity sector," he added.


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