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Cambodia presents power development masterplan, national energy efficiency policy

Release Date:2023-03-23 17:45:26     Source:Xinhua

Cambodia's Ministry of Mines and Energy on Thursday hosted an energy forum here to present the recently approved Power Development Masterplan (PDP) and National Energy Efficiency Policy (NEEP).

The PDP is Cambodia's first long-term plan for its power sector, comprising a broad range of scenarios for a 20-year planning period covering electricity demand growth, the expansion of power generation sources, and the development of the transmission and distribution network.

The NEEP is Cambodia's first dedicated policy on energy efficiency and establishes the enabling framework for future developments in this area. The NEEP sets an ambitious national target for the reduction of energy consumption of at least 19 percent by 2030 in relation to a scenario without energy efficiency.

The NEEP also identifies measures and instruments that the government will prioritize and develop to support the wider adoption of energy efficiency.

Cambodian Minister of Mines and Energy Suy Sem highlighted the significance of these policies to drive Cambodia's energy transition and meet international commitments under the Paris Agreement.

"Cambodia is committed to maximizing the adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency, which will also support the government's efforts to provide energy in a reliable, stable, and affordable manner," he told the forum with some 80 officials and relevant stakeholders.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) provided technical assistance in developing the PDP and the NEEP.

Jyotsana Varma, ADB's country director in Cambodia, applauded the country's efforts in shifting to cleaner forms of energy and reiterated ADB's support for this transition through a combination of policy support and project investments.

Varma said that ADB's ongoing projects support the reinforcement of the national power grid, expansion of solar PV through public-private partnerships, and acceleration of the adoption of emerging technologies such as battery storage systems.


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