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Mozambique to build EV battery plant for global market

Release Date:2023-05-11 18:56:19     Source:Xinhua

The Mozambican government intends to set up an electric vehicle battery plant in the country to meet the growing demand of domestic and international markets, a senior official has said.

"In the coming years, we are thinking of introducing electric vehicles, and even next year we would like to start assembling electric buses in the country. And for that we need batteries, and we have raw materials to produce batteries," said Mateus Magala, the Transport and Communications Minister of Mozambique, on Wednesday.

The Southeast African country is one of the world's most important producers of graphite, which is the key raw material in lithium batteries for electric vehicles.

Mozambique is supplying Tesla with raw materials to produce electric batteries and expects more investments from Japan in the future, Magala said at a press conference with visiting Japanese State Minister for Foreign Affairs Yamada Kenji, who arrived here one day ago.


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