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Ukraine approves strategy for energy development by 2050

Release Date:2023-05-11 18:56:19     Source:Xinhua

The Ukrainian government has approved the country's new strategy for energy development by 2050, the Energy Ministry said on Monday.

The document reflects the objectives of the European Green Deal and envisages Ukraine achieving carbon neutrality in the energy sector by 2050, the ministry said in a statement.

Based on the principles of a comprehensive approach to the energy policy, the strategy is creating conditions for the sustainable development of the Ukrainian economy, it said.

The document takes into account the consequences of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the results of Ukraine joining the European network of electricity transmission system operators, and the presence of the latest technologies in the energy sector, the statement said.

In March, Energy Minister Herman Galushchenko said that Ukraine aims to increase the share of renewable energy in its power generation to 50 percent to boost energy security.


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