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Aussie state to ban gas in new homes from 2024

Release Date:2023-08-02 12:06:49     Source:Xinhua

The state government of Victoria, Australia on Friday announced its decision to stop gas connections in new homes from 2024.

"From Jan. 1, 2024, planning permits for new homes and residential subdivisions will only connect to all-electric networks, with houses taking advantage of more efficient, cheaper and cleaner electric appliances," the Victorian government said in a statement.

Commencing immediately, all new public buildings that haven't reached the design stage will also be all-electric. This includes new schools, hospitals, police stations and other government-owned buildings.

According to the statement, the decision was made out of the concern that the cost of gas is rising sharply across the world, along with uncertainty around supply.

The state government noted that Victoria has the highest use of residential gas in Australia, with around 80 percent of homes connected, while the gas sector contributes about 17 percent of the state's emissions.

"We know that with every bill that arrives, gas is only going to get more expensive. That's why we're stepping in to help even more Victorians get the best deal on their energy bills," said Lily D'Ambrosio, the state's minister for energy and resources.

She added that reducing reliance on gas is critical to meeting the state's emission reduction target of net zero by 2045 and getting more Victorians on electric appliances, which will save money on their bills.


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