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China comes third in global energy transformation rankings

Release Date:2023-09-12 11:36:53     Source:China Daily

China takes third place in global energy transformation rankings, contributing significantly to international renewable energy development, and relevant investments and trade, said a blue book released on Wednesday.

The Energy Transitions Index Blue Book, unveiled by the China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute and commodity market research provider BloombergNEF, assesses and ranks the energy transformation progress of 65 countries worldwide, covering 94 percent of the global population and 87 percent of the GDP. It highlights China's impressive standing as the third-ranked country in the comprehensive rankings.

It notes that in recent years, China has accelerated the development and utilization of renewable energy sources, maintaining its position as the world leader in installed renewable energy generation capacity. It said the new energy industry in China has seen rapid growth, contributing significantly to trade, the global renewable energy development and international investments in energy transformation.

Specifically, China ranks second globally in the Energy Technology Transition Index. The blue book acknowledges China's outstanding performance in equipment manufacturing, engineering construction, and related areas within the energy sector.


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