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Libya's daily oil production reaches 1.207 mln barrels

Release Date:2023-09-12 11:36:23     Source:Xinhua

Libya's state-owned National Oil Corporation (NOC) on Sunday said the country's oil production has reached 1.207 million barrels per day.

The NOC published the number in a statement on its official Facebook page, adding that the country's daily condensate production stands at 52,000 barrels.

The NOC on Friday said the North African country produced more than 36.5 million barrels of crude oil, 199,438 tons of condensates, and about 1.07 billion cubic meters of natural gas in August.

Oil and gas play a crucial role in Libya's economy, as the country possesses the largest proven oil reserves in Africa. However, the sector has faced challenges in recent years due to armed conflicts and disruptions in oil field and port operations.


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