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Israel to integrate solar-generated power into national electricity grid

Release Date:2023-09-12 11:36:23     Source:Xinhua

Israel will allocate more than 2,000 additional megawatts in the national electricity grid to connect renewable energy facilities, mainly solar ones, the country's Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure said in a statement on Sunday.

The decision will allow the state-owned Israel Electric Corporation to connect many high-scale renewable energy facilities, mainly in the north and south of Israel, thus promoting renewable energy production nationwide.

Residents all over the country will soon be able to join the renewable energy revolution, earn profits from solar facility installations in their properties, and take part in the country's transition toward a clean, competitive, and decentralized energy economy, added the statement.

Meanwhile, the electricity entities are promoting a significant development plan for the electricity network by 2030 at about 17 billion shekels (4.43 billion U.S. dollars), with the set-up of new renewable energy facilities across the country, the statement concluded.


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