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China’s leading PV manufacturer launches new plant in Malaysia’s Selangor state

Release Date:2023-10-19 16:12:30     Source:Xinhua

This photo taken on Oct. 17, 2023 shows a new factory launched by LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise in the solar photo-voltaic (PV) industry in China, at Selangor state of Malaysia. (Photo by Cheng Yiheng/Xinhua)

LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise in the solar photo-voltaic (PV) industry in China, launched a new factory in Malaysia's Selangor state on Tuesday as it expands its manufacturing base in the Southeast Asian country.

The Serendah Module Plant will boost Malaysia's efforts towards implementing sustainable, green energy production, Investment, Trade and Industry Ministry deputy secretary-general Bahria Mohd Tamil said in her remarks at the launch.

She said close collaboration with the Chinese manufacturer will enable Malaysia to tap into the surging PV sector which is expected to grow exponentially.

"We endeavor to nurture an environment that champions innovation, prioritizes sustainable growth, and celebrates technological prowess. With the inauguration of the LONGi Malaysia Serendah Module Plant, we witness a testament to our collaborative strides in achieving this vision."

Li Wenxue, vice president of LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd., said that following their fruitful endeavors in East Malaysia's Kuching and Bintulu, this establishment in Selangor cements LONGi's footprint in West Malaysia.

"Our foray into West Malaysia aims not only to rejuvenate the local economy but to amplify Malaysia's strides towards sustainable development," he added.

The plant sits on a 140-acre site and will employ some 2,000 Malaysians upon completion with an investment value of 1.8 billion ringgit (380 million U.S. dollars).

It follows the establishment of two other plants in the northern Borneo state of Sarawak, the first of which was established in the state capital Kuching in 2016.


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