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Nam Ou hydropower project in Laos launches centralized management system

Release Date:2023-11-07 17:16:50     Source:Xinhua

The Nam Ou River Cascade Hydropower Project has launched its initial centralized management system, marking a new step in enhancing the effective operation of seven hydropower stations on the Nam Ou River and better managing water flow.

The launch ceremony was held at the project's operation management and maintenance center in northern Laos' Luang Prabang province last Friday.

"The centralized management system is used to achieve economic and electric production operation, and the management of reservoirs in the most effective way," Lao national TV on Tuesday quoted Song Huihong, general manager of PowerChina Nam Ou River Basin Power Co., Ltd., as saying.

Under the centralized management system, flood control on the cascade reservoirs will be managed in a uniform manner that enables better control of natural disasters, while water resources will be used more effectively, he added.

"Meanwhile, it will save production costs, improve the working environment of our staff and make the management of reservoirs more effective," the manager said.

During the event, Song, who is also president of the Chinese Power Generation Enterprise Association in Laos, outlined the contribution made by Chinese power generation companies to the Lao economy.

The project operators have attached great importance to fulfilling their social obligations including building community roads, bridges, health and educational facilities, as well as organizing various skill trainings for Lao nationals.

Addressing the event, Lao Deputy Minister of Energy and Mines Thongphat Inthavong said Chinese power generation companies have bolstered Laos' energy security efforts that have enabled more than 95 percent of families in Laos to access electricity and contributed to energy exports.

"These achievements are an undeniable fruit of the cooperation between Laos and China, especially under the Belt and Road Initiative with the particular contribution of Chinese power generation enterprises," he said.


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