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New Zealand looks to green hydrogen production

Release Date:2024-04-26 17:46:18     Source:Xinhua

New Zealand has been investing in its hydrogen future and welcomed the opening of the country's first network of hydrogen refueling stations in Wiri, a suburb in the largest city Auckland.

Tuesday's opening of the hydrogen refueling stations was hailed as an important milestone in New Zealand's hydrogen future, said Energy Minister Simeon Brown.

"Hydrogen can play an important role in decarbonizing a number of industries and sectors, such as fertilizer and methanol production, and potentially steel production," Brown said.

Hydrogen could also have great potential for decarbonizing heavy road transport, he said, adding road transport carries over 90 percent of New Zealand's domestic goods by weight and is a crucial sector for the economy and exports.

The New Zealand government plans to double the supply of renewable energy which will play an important role in supporting the development of the hydrogen sector, the minister said.

Brown was confident about the future of New Zealand's green hydrogen production, saying New Zealand has one of the most highly renewable electricity systems in the world already, as well as significant potential to generate new renewable electricity.


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